Because we’re passionate about every client’s food project, that’s why we create delicious videos, shoot out of the box cooking shows, take mouthwatering photos and develop unique recipes that become trends!

We don’t just create Food content, we are Foodie Geeks, we love Technology, Internet, Algorithms and Social Media. We’re like your Marketing Sous-chef.

We listen to you and we follow your guidelines, we’re passionate to do our work so you can take all the credit. We take care of your audience as our own.

We get requests to shoot events, weddings and concerts, and the only way we would accept, is if it was just to shoot their buffet. We exclusively work with food, nothing else, that’s our speciality.

After working with us the only thing you will be thinking is what on earth were you doing before, that’s Why us.


The Tasty Studio was designed with only one purpose: Food Content Creation.

Our cooking and filming islands were designed and built by us for the best Social Media video creation. With over 100 real backgrounds and 40 Kitchen countertops, we can customize each recipe with thousands of different visual combinations.

We use top quality recording equipment, 360º cameras, live recipe shooting setups, ultra slow motion cameras, the best lenses, perfect food lighting, post-production stations, voice over recording rooms, and even props customization machinery. All our equipments were picked specifically for Food Media Creation.

Our Test Kitchens are mainly for clients that request the development of unique recipes. Here’s where our team of Chefs create recipes from traditional, to vegan, fusion and even molecular cuisine.

All Bakeware, Cutlery, Cookware, Appliances and Cooking equipment are available in our Test Kitchens.


Value nº1: Zero Food Waste!
We enjoy every single recipe we cook! If we are full, we take it home or we share it with our neighbours. We also work with local social organizations focused on feeding the ones in need in Lisbon for those days when the orders are too much. More than Social Responsibility, a belief from all of us.
Value nº2: Environment!
We use non chemical products at the studio, the ingredients we use are mainly from Local and Organic Farmers, and all our garbage is recycled daily. We aren’t just Green, we care about the environment.