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Food is the Cat’s videos of 2018

Video is what every business or brand needs to inspire their audience to engage and take action. Our team of Professional Foodie Videographers are experts in creating fully branded and customized videos. You can choose everything you’ll see on screen, from:

  • Male or Female hand models (for overhead social recipe videos)
  • Kids, Adults or Senior Chefs (for both social or cooking shows)
  • From the Skin tone, to Clothing style;
  • Kitchen countertop style (wood, marble, vintage, concrete, etc…)
  • Video Background (windows with natural light, tails, wood, plain colors, etc…)
  • Type of Props and Utensils to be used (modern, vintage, old and used, etc..)

We create delicious videos for, Food Bloggers, Recipe Websites, Food, Beverage & Kitchenware Brands, Restaurants and Bars, Publishers, Agencies and more!
We can create that unique Foodie Ad you are searching for to promote your business, or Shot Content that is optimized for Social Media Platforms.
Whether you’re searching for a Cooking Show, a stop motion cooking concept or a 30 to 60 seconds recipe video, we always deliver our content with the highest speed you’ll find online without losing quality, due to our team expertise, studio design and workflow methods. We follow all the necessary steps to deliver flawless videos, such as:

  • Analyse and test the recipes;
  • Selecting and Buying the sexiest Ingredients;
  • Choose Utensils and Props according to your brand;
  • Brainstorm and Storyboard creation;
  • Filming with the Quality requested (from Full HD to 4K and always adapted for different platforms, with the angles desired)
  • Editing in all requested formats;
  • Video Pacing Style;
  • Color Grading;
  • Background music;
  • Sound effects;
  • Insert Text with desired Fonts;
  • Branding, Intro and Outro.

Our Foodie Video Production captures the essence of your brand, helping it stand out in the crowd! What are you waiting for? Let’s cook some videos together!

Photography that helps people to taste!

We capture the real essence, looks and taste of each creation! We can tell the story of food in a unique way that represents your brand, business and concept.

Our Food Photographers work along with our Prop and Food Stylists to make food look attractive. We’re professionals in translating the perception of taste, aroma and appeal from a real dish to a two-dimensional photograph. We are specialized in creating all types of Food Photography, from:

  • Commercial Photography
  • Editorial Photography
  • Food & Beverage Advertising
  • Packaging
  • Kitchenware Brands
  • Food Magazines
  • Menus
  • eBooks and Cookbooks
  • Food Blogs & Recipe Websites Photography
  • Step-by-Step Recipes (from all ingredients, to steps and final presentation)
  • Creative and Levitation Photos
  • Food Stock Photography

We follow your guidelines alongside with our  creativity and enthusiasm to produce unique photos that can be delivered in all important formats and sizes. From instagram to pinterest style, from high resolution photos to complexe montages, you tell us what you need and we make it happen. Food is art and we treat as such!

Our Recipes are stories that end with a Good Meal

We create unique recipes from scratch! No matter the culture or region our team of executive chefs can create from Fusion cuisine, to Haute, Note by Note, Nouvelle, Gourmet, Molecular, Homemade, Vegan, Paleo and Vegetarian, you name it!

Our 150 sq meters, fully equipped Test Kitchens are the perfect place to develop new and unique recipes never seen by the online world! We can combine your Food Product with a mix of famous Mexican and Italian recipes, and the result will be mouth-watering.

There’s a lot of Trial and Error and Experimentation involved, but we can’t get tired of it because we always have the tasting test moment, and usually we all have the same reaction: “Oh Yeahhh!”

Our Top Chefs worked in Michelin Star Restaurants, 5* Hotel Restaurants and Participate in the famous MasterChef TV program. Cooking is what they do best, Eating is what they love, Creating is what they were born to do!

You just need to tell us who you are, who’s your audience, what your brand represents and what are your goals. From there we’ll follow specific steps to create those viral recipes you’re looking for, such as:

  • Recipe research and Brainstorm accordingly to Guidelines;
  • Ingredients Selection;
  • Recipe Tests
  • Creation, upgrade flavour, aromas, texture, measurements and cooking methods for better efficiency;
  • Final Test
  • Finalize Recipe

From savory to sweets, grill to stews, baking to decoration, frying to roasting, we’ll use all necessary cooking techniques and we will make it happen.

Recipe Writing

From simple how-to recipe steps, explaining all utensils, cooking processes and even detailed nutritional information, to creative written articles that are imaginative, personal, customized and unique.

Branded Props/Utensils

We have advanced machinery to make your brand stand out, by engraving your logo, URL or slogan on wood cutting boards and utensils, plus customizing unique props, aprons and dishware. The possibilities are endless!

Food Editing

Send us raw footage and your images will come to life with great editing techniques, effects and sounds. Fun or serious, long or short, we make video have flavour!

Food Editing

The cherry on top! You can have all previous services in one by working with us on a long term basis. Our foodie creative team will study your brand, brainstorm and create marketing strategies for your project. Weekly meetings and social media guidance by Foodie experts are also included. Here’s where you can have all The Tasty Studio creating your regular content without limits.

From Recipe Development, Filming, Photographing and Editing, if it’s Food, We do it all!